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Music without Limitations

Musethica is an educational program for outstanding young musicians, that seeks to reduce social and cultural disparities by providing classical music concerts to the greatest number of audiences all over Israel, with an emphasis on the geographic and social periphery and populations with special needs that are often not accessible to the concert halls

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Musethica’s activities following the Gaza War


Musethica is a not-for-profit organization whose unique mission rests on the fundamental belief that involvement in the community and contribution to society are an essential and integral part of fostering and training outstanding young musicians. 

To this end, Musethica combines chamber music seminars for Israel's best young musicians, led by top pedagogues and performers, with dozens of concerts where the fruit of these encounters are brought – free of charge – to a large variety of groups with special needs – people who, for one reason or another, have no access to concert venues and are thus deprived from the empowering and uplifting influence of classical music. Musethica presents some 130 such concerts per year to thousands of listeners in the geographic and social periphery, at hospitals, rehabilitation centers, homes for physically or mentally disabled youth and adults, special schools and more.

Following the Black Saturday in the area surrounding the Gaza strip, Musethica is now focusing all its efforts on helping the thousands evacuated residents, injured civilians and soldiers, as well as those who remained in the attacked southern towns and villages. For the last three weeks, Musethica ensembles have been frequenting Kibbutzim, hotels and towns hosting the evacuated families, as well as medical and rehabilitation centers, playing concerts that are tailored to offer some comfort, relief and distraction from the heavy disaster. These concerts are intended for all ages, suited to the audience's mood and mental state, and are met with moving and grateful responses.

At the same time, we are continuing with our routine activities, performing at mental health centers, educational institutions and various medical and care centers, where our help is needed and appreciated more than ever.

Since the outbreak of the war, Musethica ensembles have played some 30 concerts, making special, intensive efforts to reach the various audiences inviting us. The responses we receive show clearly that listeners, even those who were never before exposed to classical music, draw much comfort from its soothing, therapeutic effects.

Both the evacuees and many other groups are going to rely on our spiritual support for the coming weeks and months. As a representative of one Kibbutz wrote to us: "we will need you again in the foreseeable future… this is an ongoing event". The demand for our concerts is growing, and we need to expand our activities accordingly.

Any support will be received with deep gratitude.

Musethica's activities present an innovative idea in classical music education, whereby outstanding young musicians’ involvement in the community is an essential and integral part of their drive for excellence. 

About Musethica

The students in the program receive guidance and masterclasses from leading musicians from Israel and abroad, and play every year, ca. 150 concerts, free of charge, attended by thousands of listeners all over the country, from all sectors and age groups, and populations with special needs. 

Concerts held at community centers, kindergartens, schools, homes and schools for children and youth at risk, institutions for children and adults with physical or mental disabilities, beaten women centers, Holocaust survivors' centers, homes for the elderly, schools for blind and hearing impaired people, and so on.

Through the concerts, thousands of children and adults, who cannot get to concert halls encounter high-quality classical music, where they become acquainted with a fascinating new cultural, emotional and community experience, and in some cases even enjoy its therapeutic effect. A unique connection happens between the performers and the audience, a connection that cannot happen in concert halls.

"We still haven't found the medicine that affects my patients like musethica’s concerts," told us a senior neurologist at one of the main medical centers in Israel.

Musethica is one of the winners of the Genesis Prize for 2017

Renowned violinist Yitzhak Perlman donated the grant he was awarded to a number of organizations in Israel that benefit populations with special needs in the fields of culture and music. Musethica was chosen by Maestro Perlman as one of those organizations.

Musethica operates in three main channels:

  1. Musethica Ensembles for the Community project.

  2. Musethica Quartet – in cooperation with the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance;

  3. The International Musethica Festival, held annually and featuring top musicians from Israel and abroad.





Community Concerts


Young Musicians



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