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Musethica promotes an innovative approach to transforming classical musical education, whereby the performance of multiple concerts for diverse audiences in the community becomes an essential, integral element in musical education for young musicians of excellence. Thus, outstanding young musicians are given the opportunity to learn and practice the art of performing concerts in front of audiences and are able to develop their musical skills. Whereas some of the concerts take place in traditional concert halls, most of them are presented to audiences with special needs, who are excluded from society and from experiencing music directly. In this way Musethica transports the highest level of classical music from concert halls to society at large, creating social change.

Unlike traditional individual musical education, this program is unique in offering a direct link as well as a reciprocal personal and social interaction between young musicians and parts of the population where art in general, and classical music in particular, are not readily accessible. Musethica provides a two-way human encounter of giving and receiving, refining young musicians' attributes, on the one hand, while proffering an artistic and emotional experience for people with special needs, on the other. Both the musicians and the people with special needs reap the benefit, as does Israeli society in general. In all its aspects,

Musethica raises the banner of cooperation, dialogue and listening - distinctive values of chamber music, on the one hand, and of a harmonious society, on the other. Musethica Israel was founded in March 2014. It is part of an international program which also operates in Spain, Germany, Sweden, France, Poland, Austria and China.

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