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Musethica brings classical music at the highest level from the concert halls to society as a whole.

It promotes outstanding young musicians and brings about social change while cultivating direct interaction between young musicians and diverse population groups all over the country.

In all its aspects, Musethica promotes on the one hand sharing, dialog, and listening - distinct values of chamber music and a reformed solidary society, on the other hand. 

Musethica’s activities are funded by donations and support from business entities, government ministries, foundations and private donors and we need all possible support in order to continue operating and developing our extensive activities.

We would be grateful for any amount of donation:

Tax deductible donations in Israel:

Credit Card:  Please choose the Amount and then click Donate.


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BIT: Send your donation to 054-3113181 and update us.

Bank Transfer: Musethica, Bank Hapoalim (12), Branch 773, Account no. 400056.

IBAN: IL320127730000000400056


US tax deductible donations:

Credit Card:

 PEF Israel ACH or wire transfer:

Send an Email to ( with details regarding your donation and follow their instructions

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פרויקט הרכבי מוזתיקה למען הקהילה ממומן בסיוע קרן יוסף וקריסטינה קסירר

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